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I think of #programming as a way of art, more of an art in it self. Let's take for an instance in the start-ups world. Start up world is made up of two things. People and code. People write the code and the code make the people rich. Sometimes we think we need extraordinary ideas to make a break through but wait, you have already stamped yourself with the first problem. You don't need an extraordinary idea to make a break through you just need a simple idea and you yourself make it extraordinary. But all i can say, enthusiasm plays a big role, for with enthusiasm you have won half the battle, for with enthusiasm there is love, and where there is love great things are born from within.

Back to my #programming way of art. #Programming to me is art. Yes #programming is made up of code, yes code whatever the programming language it is. But out of code comes art, and out of art a masterpiece itself. The secret of a great #programmer, is this, no degree, no diploma, just a trial an error, and the rest of the bricks will solve there puzzle.


  1. Passion and persistence is all that it takes to create an art worth an applause.
    Not forgetting the patience required.


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