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    IF THIS IS TRUE THEN WE NEED MORE PROGRAMMERS ( ELSE ) WE MAY NEVER REACH OUR POTENTIAL.  Computers are affecting almost all aspects of our lives. With the development in the information technology and the computer being in the forefront of all information technology, it is important for contemporary human beings to become IT literate. Modern man can not afford to ignore the numerous computer applications in various aspects of human activities.   Many seem to think that computers control human life but what would you really do without computers in this 21st century? Our life revolve around them, we drive them , they drive us.. Man created Computers and Never will computer create man , NEVER EVER ,atleat not a human being


    While you don't need to be a mathematician in order to be a programmer , it certainly helps a lot in general to know about both boolean and binary arithmetic, as well as discrete mathematics in general. But mostly the amount of math you need to involve depends on the application. And yes, in modern game programming , where everything tends to be 3D, you need to understand the mathematics of geometry, which usually mostly amounts to linear algebra and trigonometry. Generally, if you intend to do any kind of advanced data processing (and most fun stuff involves some form of that) you're likely to run into some mathematical concept or other that you need to understand. However, as a seasoned programmer , I've rarely come into situations where I actually need to remember any complicated mathematical formulae or do any extensive calculations. More often, I just need to understand the concepts behind the math, google for the formula I need, and apply it i
  WHAT MAKES YOU A DIFFERENT KIND OF PROGRAMMER? The keys to being a good programmer are well known. Greatness, however, requires something else altogether.      A recent meme running on programming sites across the Web is a generally humorous discussion of the attributes of bad programmers. If we put aside the humor — everyone has a war story here — in my experience, bad programmers fall into two main categories: the dim and the reckless. The dim ones generally have a small skill and are unaware of its limitations. They generally avoid deep technical conversations, but when they do speak, they often greatly overreach in the estimation of what they're capable of doing or what they know. Curiously, I regularly receive article manuscripts from these folks ("Want an article on building your own DBMS in less than 100 lines of JavaScript?") and it's difficult to respond courteously to the proposals, so I often beg off by simply citing that the pieces are no
A TRIAL AN ERROR. I think of #programming as a way of art, more of an art in it self. Let's take for an instance in the start-ups world. Start up world is made up of two things. People and code. People write the code and the code make the people rich. Sometimes we think we need extraordinary ideas to make a break through but wait, you have already stamped yourself with the first problem. You don't need an extraordinary idea to make a break through you just need a simple idea and you yourself make it extraordinary. But all i can say, enthusiasm plays a big role, for with enthusiasm you have won half the battle, for with enthusiasm there is love, and where there is love great things are born from within. Back to my #programming way of art. #Programming to me is art. Yes #programming is made up of code, yes code whatever the programming language it is. But out of code comes art, and out of art a masterpiece itself. The secret of a great #programmer, is this, no degree, no dipl


     Whether you are deep into Java, C++, Python, or PHP, there is always room for personal growth in the art and science of computer programming. This article will give you a few tips and techniques to help you become a better programmer. A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street. ~Doug Linder Working as a software programmer in IT industry, one thing that drives us daily to the work place; is that fun and passion lies in programming. But to make that programming a fun and to get an eternal elation out of it, one needs to learn and adhere to some basics which make you a good programmer. I am not writing mantras which you can follow to become a good programmer, but the intention is to collate a list of helping tips which I learned and implemented in the industry to get good results. There is no definition of a good programmer, but here we are referring to the category of programmer who have developed excellent IT


            This in my new bog,it entails stuff that not only programmer,Developers ,web designs but to all the tech enthusiasts, Visiting this blog means you got a little if not a lot of interest in programming.As you all know programmers are people that fix problems you don't know you have in a way that you cant really understand, programming is more of an art that is embedded deep inside once personality,I don't imply that it is inbuilt , NO NO NO in fact i have seen  different people shift from different faculties college to take the field,JUST SO YOU KNOW am not in any way Marketing for it.