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 Computers are affecting almost all aspects of our lives. With the development in the
information technology and the computer being in the forefront of all information
technology, it is important for contemporary human beings to become IT literate. Modern
man can not afford to ignore the numerous computer applications in various aspects of human
  Many seem to think that computers control human life but what would you really do without computers in this 21st century? Our life revolve around them, we drive them , they drive us.. Man created Computers and Never will computer create man, NEVER EVER ,atleat not a human being


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Why you should learn to type

Computers are getting more and more  used in our life's more than never before.. from the desktop computers sitting in the chiefs office to schools , to hospitals just to mention a few, if you want to get a head of the game then learn effective typing skills! Learning to touch-type is one of the most valuable skills you’ll ever learn. If you want to increase your productivity and have more success, bite the bullet and learn to type properly now! I know this won’t be a popular topic, but it’s true: If you want to be a better secretary, designer,receptionist , developer, chief, manager, whatever… Learn To Touch Type! If you’re a team leader, get everyone on your team to learn to type. It will be the best short-term skills investment you can make.
Why you should learn to type The bottom line is this – if you type with one or two fingers of each hand, the average person can probably manage 40-60 wpm (words per minute). If you learn to touch-type, you can increase that speed to 60-100…

Epic Sites With Breathtaking Stock Photos You Can Use For Free on any project

It can be insanely hard to find high quality, free stock photos for personal and commercial use. A growing number of awesome websites have amazing photos you can use for your work for free. I’ve curated a list of the most epic sites that have great stock images you can use for different purposes. You have probably bookmarked a few of these already. Most of the photos you will find on these sites are free from copyright restrictions or licensed under creative commons public domain dedication. You can copy, modify, distribute and use for even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. However, some photos may require attribution. 1. Pixabay: Free high quality images. 2. Pexels: Best free photos in one place. 3. All The Free Stock: Free stock images, icons, and videos. 4. Visual Hunt: High quality free photos in one place. 5. Splashbase: Search & discover free, hi res photos & videos. 6. Startup Stock Photos: Free photos for startups, bloggers and everyone. 7. Jay M…


Whether you are deep into Java, C++, Python, or PHP, there is always room for personal growth in the art and science of computer programming. This article will give you a few tips and techniques to help you become a better programmer.
A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street. ~Doug Linder Working as a software programmer in IT industry, one thing that drives us daily to the work place; is that fun and passion lies in programming. But to make that programming a fun and to get an eternal elation out of it, one needs to learn and adhere to some basics which make you a good programmer. I am not writing mantras which you can follow to become a good programmer, but the intention is to collate a list of helping tips which I learned and implemented in the industry to get good results. There is no definition of a good programmer, but here we are referring to the category of programmer who have developed excellent IT solutions…