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A Career for a Life Time


Information Technology: 

A Career for a Life Time


    IT is short for Information Technology, a broad term covering all aspects of managing and processing information in every area you can imagine. Banks, consultants, hospitals, publishers, manufacturers, film-makers, veterinarians - they all depend on information and information systems. Computer software, hardware, the Internet and the networks that tie it all together are the key to these systems that IT workers design, develop, support or manage. 


Computers and the networks that connect them are inescapable part of our lives.All industries depend on them ,and the result of this dependence is a fascinating variety of career opportunities.But above all , information Technology is about sharing information and innovative ideas that eliminate global barriers and help increase the availability of information to everybody.


  People who go into I.T now are intelligent,interesting,creative,pragmatic,ambitious,innovative,fun and motivated.Many already have art or business degrees and after looking at their options,concluded that the available jobs either lacked challenge or rapid advancement.So they did some basic research and found that one of the best places to get a rewarding, well-paying career was in information technology.    


" The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do.It lets people be creative.It lets people be productive.It lets people  learn things they didn't think they could learn before, and so in a sense its is all about potential  " ~ Steve Ballmer.

Career Opportunities

The information technology field is expanding at an exponential rate,and there is no better time for you to be part of it.There are virtually unlimited career opportunities, and huge range of type of business in which your computer skills can be utilized.Baking, film, production,forestry,mining,health,manufacturing,engineering,management,consulting- I mean practically every industry uses computers and needs people to manage ,use, network or program them


Technical skills are also very portable,which makes a career in information technology very attractive to people who like to experience different cultures.You can take your Java training, CSS, HTML ,C++ or Python to any country in the world. Isn’t it an awesome career path ??




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