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Why Learn Computer Science


Computer science is one of the most amazing art forms in the world. Not only is it incredibly expressive — allowing for an infinite number of combinations of words, images, and ideas —but when done well, it produces a functional and useful product that can entertain and inform the masses.

  When most people think of computer science,they generally envision programming.Often, they assume that the field is full of people who sit alone at their computers all day, staring at large screens and drinking coffee. In reality, computer science is an engaging and collaborative activity that includes far more than the ones and zeros for which it has
become famous. 

The art of computer science often starts with a problem that needs to be solved. Maybe there is too much information produced by a study for one human to be able to sort through it all in a lifetime. Perhaps an elderly person finds it hard to physically connect with long-distance relatives. There might even be an organization that needs to find the best route to get the most miles out of its airplanes using the least amount of fuel possible.Once an issue has been identified, it may seem too overwhelming to tackle. 

That’s why computer scientists learn to look at individual pieces, instead of just the big picture. Chopping a task up into manageable pieces is a great way to make progress through a series of little successes. Figuring out how something should work is much different than actually getting it to work.That’s where computer simulation and automated performance come in. Whether you’retrying to simulate a real world experience, or create an impossible one, computers are an extremely helpful platform.

If your solution runs on a computer, then it is expected that people will need a way to interact with it. This introduces the need for a beautiful, sleek, and artistic interface. A program must also provide direction to its users through graphic elements, a spoken script, or menus and buttons. All of these bits require careful forethought, planning, and incorporation.

So, you see, computer scientists aren’t just programmers. They’re creative problem solvers, psychologists artists, authors, and yes, even actual scientists. Every industry needs computer scientists. They’re needed in biology, video gaming, schools, health care, public service, and anywhere that innovation is involve..


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